How to Style a Bed Just Like in the Catalogs

Many people dream of diving into the cushions and blankets of beds photographed in interior design magazines and catalogs, but you may not realize how simple it is to make that type of perfectly styled bed a reality. Use these smart tips to improve your bed — and likely improve your night’s sleep as well.

  1. Make a tier of pillows. Whether you have a headboard or not, creating a tier of pillows always looks aesthetically pleasing. Start with two extra-large pillows in the back, then add one shorter set of standard queen sized pillows in the center. Finish with one or two throw pillows in the front to make a statement.
  2. Use a minimal color scheme. If you don’t feel confident enough to mix and match colors and patterns, simply use a minimal color scheme with one bright, bold pop of color. Use white, grey, or simple pinstripes for your duvet and pillows, then add a fun throw or small pillow in an accent hue.
  3. Add texture. If your bed looks a bit flat, add bit of texture by incorporating one faux fur, velvet, or chunky knitted item.
  4. Use an alternative headboard. If you don’t have a headboard, don’t fret. Use an antique door, large tapestry, or DIY wood palette headboard to add eclectic style to your room. Or for a more traditional look, a tufted or wooden headboard can be used as the bed’s focal point.

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Great Casserole Recipes!

Everyone loves simple and delicious dinner recipes! Here's a list of easy casserole recipes that are great for potlucks, family dinners or a dinner for one!

-Chicken Spaghetti
-Tuna Noodle Casserole
-Sloppy Joe and Macaroni
-Beef and Bean Taco Casserole
-Baked Penne with Roasted Veggies

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Great Places to Shop for Your Apartment!

Whether you are looking to decorate or re-decorate your apartment it can be a very fun and project. The only challenging part is finding apartment-fitting furniture. So here is a list of some great places to shop for apartment-fitting furniture and the article explaining each store in detail!

2. APT 2B
3. Target
4. Urban Outfitters
6. Any thrift/vintage store
7. Etsy
8. Cost Plus World Market
9. Anthropologie
10. FAB

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Need Budgeting Tips?

Budgeting is not the easiest thing to do. Most of us only budget when we have a big expense to cover (i.e. vacation trip, purchasing a car, or preparing to move, etc.). Check out this article for more details on how to create a budget and tips on how to stay on your budget!

Organize Your Dresser in 4 Easy Steps

If you’re like most people, your dresser is likely prone to becoming messy, jumbled and, after a long work week, maybe even overflowing. If you want to finally organize your dresser drawers — and keep them that way — use these four simple tips for daily dresser maintenance.

  • Tackle the top. Begin by adding an attractive tray to the top of your dresser where you can corral perfumes, lotions, spare change, and other smalls. Hang a mirror if the dresser doesn’t already have one, then consider adding a lamp if your space is lacking in light.
  • Add dividers. For drawers that hold folded items, such as t-shirts, purchase drawer dividers from a home goods store to keep everything in its right place.
  • Fold clothes vertically. Instead of folding your clothes and stacking them horizontally on top of one another, line them up vertically so that you can easily identify each item.
  • Think outside the drawer. While you might think of using dresser drawers only for clothing, you can also use them to store other loose items. Line a bottom drawer with shoes, add felt liners for jewelry or even use a top drawer for beauty products if you don’t have space for a separate vanity.

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Shark Week!

We're sad that tonight will be the final night of Shark Week. Make sure you turn to the Discovery Channel at 9 p.m. to view tonight's episodes.

Shark Fact: The Wobbegong shark can’t swim very well. The ambush predator instead lurks on the ocean floor, sometimes not moving for days at a time, and snatches nearby food.

For more interesting facts and information on this past Shark week please visit

Shark Week!

Again don't forget to turn to the Discovery channel tonight at 9 p.m. and check out tonight's episode of Shark Week!

Shark Fact: Lemon sharks are often used in experiments that test the hearing, vision, and intelligence of sharks. #sharkweek

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Shark Week!

Just a reminder, it is SHARK WEEK! Make sure you check out the Discovery channel tonight at 9 p.m.!

Shark Fact: The whale shark’s mouth stretches up to 15 feet wide, the largest mouth of all shark species. #sharkweek

For more fun facts on sharks and shark week details go visit

Cute and Kitschy Uses for Vintage Tea Towels

Vintage tea towels are a common find at antique stores, flea markets, and thrift shops, and they’re typically as affordable as they are adorable. Here are just a few great ideas for how you can breathe new life into kitschy tea towels.

Lavender Pillow []
Add a fresh, fragrant scent to your closet or drawers by creating this DIY lavender pillow. Choose a towel in your favorite pattern or color, then fill it with dried lavender from the local health food store. Best of all, you can even use iron-on adhesives and bypass the sewing machine.

Tea Towel Tote []
Craft your own vintage-inspired tote bag by sewing together a few vintage tea towels with a sturdy ribbon as the handles. It only takes very basic sewing skills to get this project right, and you can customize it with button embellishments of your choice.

Tea Towel Blinds []
Stitch a few tea towels together in the dimensions of your window to create eclectic, retro tea towel blinds. Attach the top edge around a wooden baton using sturdy Velcro, then add loops of ribbon to keep the whole thing tied up when it’s not in use.

Stylish Storage Solutions for Arts and Crafts Supplies

Whether you’re an avid crafter or your children are often doing art projects at home, you know how difficult it can be to find storage space for all of those paints, markers, fabrics, crayons, and other supplies. Here are just a few stylish ways that you can keep your arts and crafts supplies neatly organized until your next DIY project.

Mason Jar Storage System []
Turn your storage solution into an art project in itself. This colorful DIY idea involves covering old mason jars in fun, pattered washi tape, then using those jars to store everything from markers to paint brushes and even loose buttons.

Kids’ Craft Apron []
If your child has trouble keeping his or her craft supplies together while doing a project, you can make this simple apron as your next family art project. Simply take an old gardening apron, use the belt to tie it to the side of your child’s crafting table, and fill the spacious pockets with all of the essentials.

Hanging Storage Bins []
Screw a metal rod from any home goods store into your wall, then attach S-shaped hooks and hang bins in all sizes from each hook. You can use these to keep your art supplies within reach but off of your tabletop.

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