Blue Bell Festival



This Sunday, April 17th, the annual Blue Bell Festival will be held at Merrimac Farm from 10:00am-4:00pm. There will be tours, exploring opportunities and live music! Click here for more information.

Car Care Center Now Open



The car care center is now open! It is located at the maintenance shop (on Bay Vista Drive). You are free to use it after 6:00pm Monday-Friday and anytime on the weekends! If you have any questions please contact the office (703) 494-5265.

Local Events



Happy Friday! We hope everyone enjoys their weekend with their friends and family! If you do not have any plans, and would like find out what events are happening locally visit

Escape the Rat Race at Huntley Meadows Park



Locals love Huntley Meadows Park for its natural beauty and plentiful wildlife. Take a stroll along the half-mile wetland boardwalk trail, and see how many of the park’s more than 200 bird species you can spot. Other critters you might encounter at Huntley Meadows Park include deer, herons, frogs, snakes, turtles, and beavers. Regulars at […]

Old Town Manassas



Visit Old Town Manassas! There are plenty of restaurants, shops and activities! For more information on the area and events visit

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