Read All About It: Nifty Ways to Reuse Old Magazines and Newspapers

You love reading magazines and newspapers, but you don’t love having to throw them out after you’re done reading. Instead of tossing out your old reading materials, use these creative tips for making something new and exciting out of your favorite periodicals.

Starburst Clock []
Use this surprisingly simple DIY project to make a gorgeous mid-century modern-inspired clock that actually works. Simply roll the pages of magazines into small tubes, string them together using sturdy twine and attach some attractive hands to the center.

Recycled Gift Bows []
Instead of purchasing pre-made gift bows for birthdays or holidays, make your own out of colorful magazine or newspaper pages. Cut the paper into strips, do some crafty folding, and glue it together to create a bow that looks just like the ones from the store.

Woven Magazine Basket []
Weave a cute and quirky basket by folding the pages into accordion shapes and securing them with a bit of string. These can be used to hold knick knacks or brighten up an empty shelf.

Nail Art []
Press old newspaper pages onto your fingernails for a unique manicure that you won’t find at the nail salon. All it takes is some nail polish, rubbing alcohol, and a few pages from an old newspaper.

Happy Earth Day!

Each year, Earth Day marks the anniversary of what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.

Join Windsor Communities in their efforts to make the earth greener by recycling the cans provided around the property.

To read more on Earth Day 2014 please visit

Give It Back: Easy Ways To Recycle

We all know that recycling is essential for getting the most out of the Earth’s natural resources, but if you feel like you could do more than just putting your paper and plastics into a separate bin, here are some suggestions for more advanced recycling.

Many stores offer recycling and reuse stations for things that would normally go in the garbage. Every IKEA store collects compact fluorescent light bulbs for recycling, and electronics stores will often take old cell phones and batteries. That’s an excellent way to keep them out of the landfill.

Whenever your home or office printer runs out of ink, do not dispose of the cartridge. Make sure to send it back to the manufacturer, where they will repurpose it and refill it. Many manufacturers offer a rebate for doing this, so it can save you money.

If you have a vehicle that is no longer running, it can actually be put to use. Many non-profit organizations will have it towed and part it out. You may even be entitled to a tax deduction for doing so.

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